ROV Australia are a full service underwater ROV Inspection company specialising in ROV Water Tank Inspections, ROV Dam & Reservoir Inspections, ROV Pipeline Inspections and any other type of underwater ROV Inspections.

Why Choose ROV Australia?

We offer a budget friendly alternative to a certified diver for inspections of your tank or dam. Our ground-breaking robotics inspection technology uses ultrasonic sensors to inspect your water storage facility which then provides us with an accurate water and internal tank condition assessment report.

Our Culture

We are proud of the culture we have created at ROV Australia. We function as a winning team in which each individual is provided the tools and support he or she needs to succeed. We have defined this culture and have detailed each core value so that it is understood and embraced in everything that we do.

Safety First at ROV Australia

At ROV Australia, safety comes first, no exceptions. Our world-class safety program is one of the most innovative and successful programs in the “Inspections” industry. From our safety-based observation program to our culture where our team members are empowered, we take safety very seriously and our statistics prove this.

ROV Australia Tank Inspection Methods

Most tank inspection methods require the water to be drained out of a tank or hiring a commercial diver to jump inside
of the tank to visually inspect the structure for wear, corrosion or damage. The use of our ROV system can dramatically reduce inspection costs while eliminating the risks associated with the use of divers to complete the task.


When you are looking to keep an underwater eye on your tank without burning a hole in your pocket ROV Australia should be your only option. ROV Australia are equipped with the most advanced technology in Australia to perform a thorough inspection of your tank or water storage facility using the most cost effective methods.

ROV Australia

The ROV Australia Team

Meet the ROV Australia Team