Using An ROV To Thoroughly Inspect Your Dam Or Reservoir In Australia

ROV Australia have been inspecting dams and reservoirs across Australia and the Pacific for the last 15 years. Australian dam and reservoir owners realise the importance of conducting regular dam inspections. Not many new dams are now being built in Australia, and the existing ones are starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Typical dam inspections in Australia cover many aspects of the dam itself, but perhaps the most important inspection is what’s underneath the body of water. Regular underwater dam inspections are crucial for checking the dam faces for cracks or any signs of aging.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have been used to inspect many underwater industries in the past, dam and reservoir owners are now only beginning to see the many advantages of having regular ROV inspections done.

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Why Choose ROV Australia For Your Next Dam Inspection?

Our ROV unit is capable of working underwater to depths of 300m and can carry out various tasks such as:-

  • High Definition Video And Photo Documentation
  • Accurate Water Temperature Readings
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Radiography Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Tracking Lat and Lon markers during inspection
  • Attached Robotic Cleaning Device

Technology No One Else Is Using

Our ROV vehicles, including our drones, are not the type that you can buy in a shop. We have tested and rebuilt custom-made ROV robots that are proven to get a better result. These ROV units are highly specialised machines and among many other specs will take high-resolution photos and videos of the dam or reservoir.

With these HD photos and videos, our experts can review and determine if there is a fault in your dam. With accurate and clear shots, we can make data-driven assessments and decisions whether or not your dam needs to be repaired or worked on.

Accurate Readings

Our ROVs have sensors and thermometers that can take the water temperature of your dams water. As we all know, a dam can affect water temperature, and this temperature is indicative of any events happening in the water.

Temperature is one of the things that you need to consistently monitor to check your dams water chemistry. Aquatic organisms are affected by it, and so do photosynthesis and the metabolic rates of the organisms living there. With the right temperature, you know what actions to take to keep the water healthy.

Various Testing Capabilities

Not only do our ROVs measure water temperature, they are also equipped with different tools to do different types of testing. Examples of these are magnetic particle testing, radiography testing, and ultrasonic testing.

Once the ROV results are back you will then know if the water has magnetic materials such as iron, nickel, and other alloys. You can also measure if there is any radioactive compound in the water, and decide if the water is still safe to drink.

Tracking And Cleaning

Our ROVs can map out the dam or reservoir, and indicate with accuracy which part has faults and where certain readings were found. The tracking capabilities would give you the latitude and longitude position, and this data should help you navigate your way to the right spot once you have decided about the right course of action.

Our ROVs also have the capacity to clean. The vehicles have robotic arms that can be controlled remotely, and these arms can be used to do tasks that are otherwise too dangerous for humans.


Inspecting your dam or reservoir in Australia now doesn’t have to be a long and costly exercise. Click the link below to book an inspection online or call us on 1300 764 486 to book an ROV dam inspection today.