At ATM Tanks We Use ROVs To Fix And Clean Your Tank

An ROV unit is a remotely operated vehicle. Most people think that vehicles like this are only used in Mars exploration, but that couldn’t be farther than the truth. As specialists in the tank industry, we at ATM Tanks use our ROVs to inspect, repair, and clean our clients storage tanks.

We know that every year, there are hundreds of people who die in job-related incidents. As such, we have recognised the benefits of using this technology to potentially save lives among many other benefits.

But What Do ROVs Do And How Can ATM Tanks Help You?

Underwater Inspection Services:
Our ROV robots are capable of going underwater not only to inspect what is happening in your tank, but also to clean and repair it. The ROV can stay submerged in your tank without you having to drain the liquid.

Just imagine the benefits of using an ROV robot in your tank! No more expensive commercial divers required, which means there is zero risk involved. As a robot, it harbours no harmful bacteria, and you can rest assured that your tank’s contents are free from organisms that can damage its ecosystem.

With our underwater ROV robot, we can explore your tank for hours, depending on the size, with no possible human errors and risk of injuries. The ROVs can stay underwater and scour the floor, the walls, and perform tasks such as repair and cleaning.

Multi-function ROV’s:
Our ROV robots are not just machines that are equipped with arms and a camera. Apart from the high-quality recorded videos and photos that our robots can take, they can perform several duties underwater such as ROV tank cleaning and even repairing.

And because we can watch while the robot works, we can easily correct the course of action and ensure that it has done the job before leaving your tank.

Our robots can test the water for chemical content, analyse if the water has metal components such as iron, cobalt, and nickel, and even perform tests if your water is exposed to radiation. With that being said, our robots do not just clean and inspect your tank, but it also measures the integrity of the water.

Different Tank Services:
At ATM Tanks, we have over 15 years of experience and expertise in the storage tank industry. Apart from what our ROV robots can do, we have a dedicated team who can build new tanks for you. We also do manual fabrication of tank liners that fit your business needs, along with repairs to ensure that your tank has no leaks or structural damage.

We offer different kinds of liners, along with different materials that you can use for your storage needs, all of which are made under compliance with Australian law and with your specifications in mind. As tank experts, we know that different liquids react in many ways, so we make sure that we only use industry-grade materials that will not harm your tank.


ATM Tank Group is the premier provider of tanks, tank liners, and tank repair services in Australia. With the combined expertise of humans and technological advances of robots, we perform the best jobs in the industry in as little time as possible.

We can complete repairs and ROV tank cleaning in as short as seven days, or give you a fully functional and brand new tank in as little as three weeks.

If you need tank repairs, tank liners, and new tanks, ATM Tank Group is here to collaborate with you and deliver the best that you can possibly get. Our ROVs are the best in the industry, and our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the field. You can book your next ROV tank cleaning or repair job online by clicking on the link below: