Why Choose ATM Tanks For Your Next ROV Fire Tank Inspection?

The world is changing, the recent heatwave that caused the bush fires here in Australia is a testament to that. The last thing you want is to realise that there is not enough water in your fire water tank when fire strikes in your industrial complex or your home.

At ATM Tanks, we can give you peace of mind because we ensure that your fire water tank is in pristine and working condition. We use remotely operated vehicles or ROV’s to inspect the tank, and this technology allows us to do a lot of things for your benefit.

But why choose us?

More than a decade of experience:-

ATM Tank Group has been in operation for 15 years. We have seen it all, and we have fixed it all. We are experts in tanks and liners, and our team has a cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the industry.

Couple that with technology, and you get a combined output of man and machine. When we do tank inspections, we use the data gathered by our ROVs to provide you with the most rational and fair assessment. Because of our combined experience and technology, you cannot go wrong if you choose us to inspect your fire water tank in Australia.

Unparalleled ROV Capabilities:-

Our remotely controlled and operated vehicles are not just there to take pictures. Apart from high-resolution videos and photos, they are equipped with several sensors and measuring devices that would certainly help you determine problems in your tank.

This is especially important if you also use your tank for water consumption. Our ROVs can measure magnetic particles, and we would know if there are harmful metal alloys in your tank like iron, nickel, and cobalt.

The ROVs can also measure radioactive materials, especially if your tank is located in areas close to water such as the sea, river, or lake where toxic chemicals may find their way.

Apart from these, our ROVs are equipped to detect leaks, which is the most critical factor of all as far as fire water tanks in Australia are concerned. The ROVs can pinpoint exactly where the leaks are, and we can start working with them with accuracy.

This will help you save money because we no longer need humans to dive. Mistakes are also significantly reduced, so you can save on time, effort, and costs.

Multiple service types:-

We do not only inspect your tanks—we fix them, too. Once we have assessed the condition of your fire water tank, we are prepared to offer a solution to get it fixed. After we agree on a quoted price of the service and materials needed, we can start working in it right away and finish the job in as short as seven days.

We offer many solutions, and we are capable of repairing tanks and their liners. In worse conditions where the tank has to be replaced, we can provide you several variations and tank types to choose from, along with different liners that can serve your purpose.

We can install the tank in as short as three weeks, and this new tank comes with a warranty as a proof of our commitment to quality.

In Summary

ATM Tank Group is at the forefront of tank installation, tank inspection, and tank repairs in Australia. We have over 15 years of experience in the field, with hundreds of satisfied clients.

With our use of ROV, we do not just make our working environment safe, but we also provide speedy service, accurate analysis, realistic and fair assessment of your tank condition. As such, we can repair it with accuracy in the least possible amount of time needed. Book your next ROV fire tank inspection now by clicking on the link below or calling us on 1300 764 486