ROV Tank Inspections For Your Potable Water Tank

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are by far your best option when it comes to inspecting and documenting the overall condition of your interior tank liner. There are many other critical pieces of your potable water tank that need inspecting such as the walls, roof, floor, inlets, outlets and vents. In addition to providing High Definition photos and videos of these areas our ROV units can detect leaks, corrosion and waste build-up with your storage tank.

ROV Australia recommends a quick check-up at least once a year on your potable water tank. This regular check-up will better forecast future tank cleans and maintenance before any major issues arise.

Your potable water tank will remain in service whilst the inspecting and monitoring process is happening. In addition to saving you money and time our ROV unit eliminates the dangers that divers face in confined spaces therefore limiting the overall risk involved.

potable water ROV tank inspection

Some advantages of using our ROV tank inspections on your tank are:-

  • Detailed Documentation – High Definition Video and Photos
  • Cost Effective – No Use For Commercial Divers
  • Safer – No Risk Involved
  • Potable Water Tank Will Always Remain In Service
  • API-653 / API-510 / API-570 Inspections & Engineering Evaluations, Pressure Vessels, and Piping